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New generation thermoplastic polyurethane Within the scope of the Kastas R&D Department Material Development Division, raw material and product development activities are two of the most important factors that affect the performance of the seal in line, with a design that makes a difference in different applications. With the new PU8502 material, Kastas now combines longer service life and higher performance in pneumatic cylinders, while increasing the usage rate of thermoplastic polyurethane in pneumatic systems due to its increased compression set property. Polyurethane material is commonly used in fluid power systems due to its advantages, such as wear resistance, tensile strength and tear resistance, which enables durable solutions in both hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Standard polyurethane materials have superior mechanical properties compared with elastomers. However, they also have disadvantages, such as low resistance to different environmental conditions, in particular to fireproof hydraulic fluids and air, and high compression set value at low hardness. One of the most important indicators affecting the performance of the sealing element in pneumatic systems is the compression set property. Low compression set value is critical in terms of perfor- Life test performance For testing PU8502 at Kastas Test Center, a product named K59 Pneumatic Piston Seal was produced. The K59 Piston Seal is made of special PU8502 material and provided excellent leakage protection and performance through a 30 000 000- cycle-test. According to results of the test under 90 cycle/min speed (approximately 0.6 m/s) and over 8 months, it can maintain continuous movement even under 0.13 bars. Examination of seals shows that all abrasion is at acceptable limits and seals continue to function smoothly. mance and service life of the seal. Kastas developed a new polyurethane material, PU8502, for increasing expectations for high performance for the pneumatic systems and applications requiring material usage with low hardness. PU8502 provides better compression set values and resistance to external environmental conditions compared to standard polyurethane materials, without compromising its other superior mechanical properties. Standard polyurethane materials used in pneumatic systems in the market show high compression set values. PU8502, specially developed for pneumatic applications, has considerable advantages compared to standard PU materials with low compression set values. It also provides long service life because of its abrasion loss property and shows high performance at high temperatures because of its high Vicat Softening value (153 °C). MACHINE ELEMENTS

Comparison K50 vs. K59 Pneumatic Seals (PU8502) K50 Pneumatic piston seal The K50 is a single acting pneumatic piston seal designed to have an asymmetrical profile with a shorter and thinner dynamic lip. Additional advantages of K50 include: n secure seating due to the longer and thicker static sealing lip n low friction and good sealing performance due to the seal geometry K59 Pneumatic piston seal K59 ensures easy installation and excellent sealing performance in a wide range of pneumatic applications. Additional advantages of K59 include: n low friction and good sealing performance due to the seal geometry n high sealing effect with cushioning applications 0 bar 6 bar 0 bar 6 bar 01 FEA simulation image of K50 under 6 bar pressure 02 FEA simulation image of K59 under 6 bar pressure Sealing solutions for hydraulic breakers Contaminated work environments, constant high speed para meters and their complex structures make hydraulic breakers a very challenging application in the construction field. Kastas produces the most reliable sealing solutions for hydraulic breakers, drillers and crushers by using the most advanced technology to meet application demands. Diaphragms A hydraulic system requires a diaphragm to ensure the continuity of pressure within the accumulator for smooth operation. Therefore, the operating performance is directly proportional with the diaphragm work in accordance with the system used in About Kastas With over 500 employees, Kastas is a leading manufacturer and supplier of sealing technologies. Kastas is based in Turkey and produces advanced sealing elements for fluid power and various specific applications. Through the headquarters in Izmir, Turkey, the European Distribution Center in Germany as well as sales and service partners all around the world, the company serves its customers with high quality, reliable products. „PU8502 has high hydrolysis resistance, low compression set value and long service life compared to standard polyurethanes“ Nihat Öziri, Technical Manager the accumulator. The diaphragms made out of PU8502 offer long service life in diverse operating conditions and pressures and even at high sliding speed. Polyurethane material offers product advantages such as high coefficient of elongation, high durability and flexibility. These advantages do not exist in diaphragms made of elastomeric material. Unlike standard polyurethane, PU8502 has the ability to provide quick response to shock pressure changes needed on the accumulator diaphragms by offering better hydrolysis resistance, compression set and long service life. Therefore, Kastas offers products distinct from its competitors through PU8502 polyurethane material. PU8502 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – MOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 1/2017