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TR012015 Pneumatic

TR012015 Pneumatic sealing elements test rig Kastas Sealing Technologies contains the Pneumatic Sealing Element Test Rig (TR012015) with latest technology for performing tests such as internal leakage test, minimum continuous movement pressure test, life test, guide ring/ bushing life test. As a part of its work on the Technical Committee of ISO, Kastas has developed the test rig in accordance with the ISO 19973-3 standards. The pneumatic test rigs developed in-house are redesigned in accordance with ISO standards. Pneumatic sealing element test types n Inner leakage test: 6 bar pressure is locked between the air port of the cylinder and pressure transmitter. Decrease of pressure depends on the time, which is monitored. n Minimum continuous movement pressure test: The pressure in the hose connected to the cylinder’s air port is gradually increased. The pressure that the cylinder moves is determined as the minimum continuous movement pressure. MACHINE ELEMENTS n Life test: Various types of pneumatic cylinders are installed to the test rig. When the internal leakage test value exceeds the limit set by ISO 19973, testing is finished. Operating life of the seals is determined according to these values. n Guide ring / bushing life test: Guide rings and bushings on the cushioning cylinders are periodically measured. Subject to wear over the specified limit, samples are changed, allowing the service life of the samples to be determined. WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – MOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 1/2017

Product News Compact and highly dynamic small servo motors with an integrated screw Wittenstein cyber motor GmbH launches a new series of small servo motors with an integrated screw for use when the machine has to be installed in a confined space. The servo motor, spindle drive, linear guide rail and encoder system form a closed, highly integrated and ready-to-mount unit. The series is offered in 4 sizes, each with 2 different screw pitches and two stroke lengths for short or long-stroke applications. Each of the four sizes achieves excellent acceleration values, cycle rates and machine throughputs in a very small space. This is due to the compact design, which results in much lower mass inertia than is possible, for instance, if the screw is simply attached to the servo motor. The new small servo motors with an integrated screw can be configured with simco drive servo regulators to form high-performance small servo axes. Multiple connection options are available for these solutions, which can be integrated in a higher-level controller via Canopen, EtherCAT, Profinet RT/IRT or EtherNet/IP. New fan-cooled brushless servo for increased machine productivity Moog Industrial Group, a division of Moog Inc. has released a new series of fan-cooled brushless servo motors. The design offers additional torque to accelerate and decelerate the load, resulting in 30 % more torque than a naturally-cooled motor. This benefit, coupled with low rotor inertias, enables higher power density. Furthermore, the improvement in operating conditions increases the motor’s robustness by extending the life of the windings. The new motors are available in size 5 and 6 Compact Dynamic (CD Series) and Maximum Dynamic brushless servo motors (MD Series). In addition to the CD and MD Series, fan cooling can also be added to existing naturally-cooled motors using a separately mounted fan kit. Along with the fan-cooled brushless servo motors, the company also launched its “Two-You” program. This program offers Moog’s customers a highly flexible supply chain, so they can select among the most commonly used compact servo drives. Change your bearing now High-performance bearings with predictable service life Find suitable bearings and calculate their service life online: and save 40% Whether bronze or sintered bearings, coated metal bushings or needle roller bearings: Reduce costs and improve machine performance with iglidur ® polymer bearings. Lubrication-free, lightweight and wear-resistant for your moving application. Find out all you need to know about replacement of your bearings: plastics for longer life from 24 h ® Free sample: Tel. +49-2203-9649-145 World Maritime Week, Bilbao – Booth B-34 | | abto, London IGUS-Englisch.indd 1 10.02.2017 07:35:16 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – MOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 1/2017