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Product News Menzel

Product News Menzel constructs slip ring motor for hazardous area In 2015, a Senegalese cement manufacturer had to install a motor that provides the plant with fine coal dust to meet the plant’s primary energy needs. While coal dust offers good caloric properties, the particles of dust left on slip rings and brushes may cause sparks and lead to an explosion. The motor therefore required a design that would reliably prevent dust ingress during all operating stages. To meet these challenging requirements, Menzel Elektromotoren, the German manufacturer of custom motors engineered a rugged unit with IP65 ingress protection. Since a squirrel-cage motor requires a high starting current and has a lower starting torque, a slip ring motor was chosen. The motor construction featuring special terminal boxes for the stator and rotor, a non-magnetic cable entry plate, and hazardous area terminal clamps for the auxiliary terminal boxes was then devised for the application. A slightly larger motor housing ensures the operating temperature does not exceed +125 °C. Thanks to these measures, the replacement motor has received a ‘Ex II 3D Ex tc IIIB T125 °C Dc’ explosion protection marking. A new mechatronic drive designed for horizontal material handling The m350 mechatronic drive from Lenze, is an integrated solution consisting of gearbox, motor, electronics and software. Yet Lenze does not just combine the motor and gearbox, but runs the two elements together so that the gear ratio slips far into the motor housing. The situation is similar for the electronics and software, with which the fixed motor speed can be easily adapted via the user-friendly smartphone app with a NFC connection. So, with the same torque, speeds of 42 to 216 rpm can be freely selected at the gearbox output – thus considerably simplifying the design. The m350 is available in three sizes with torques of 25, 50 and 75 Nm. With just two levels, Basic and Advanced (including brake), no more than six versions cover a wide spectrum in horizontal material handling. This drive package is more energy-efficient than all drives customarily deployed in horizontal material handling. In addition, integrated ramp functions and brake control options ensure that conveyed goods are transported smoothly and thus gently without jerks. Accessories allow the drive unit to be fitted with an additional torque support, thus customizing it to the respective machine requirements. PRODUCT NEWS Compact and integrated motion control drive with Bonfiglioli’s iBMD Bonfiglioli, the drive systems specialist with a strong international presence, has launched its latest product, the iBMD, an integrated drive with a broad torque range from 2.7 to 30 Nm. It has all the features of a highly dynamic servo motor as well as those of a modern drive controller. The iBMD can be used as a stand-alone drive or as part of a control system. Motion control functions such as positioning, cam profile, electronic gears and an interpolated mode are just as intrinsic as the open communication via CANopen and EtherCAT. Additional features include a broad range of digital and analog I/O. Integrated in a casing, it significantly reduces space requirements in the control cabinet and saves cabling costs. Moreover, the drive can also be combined with the precision planetary gears by Bonfiglioli. The functional features of the drive in combination with the highly compact design are especially useful for packaging, printing and labelling, as well as for the automation of material handling system. The dynamic and highly precise drives are also very popular for filling systems and machines for manufacturing in the electronics industry. Next generation servo motors from Kollmorgen A new generation of Kollmorgen’s AKM series of servo motors is capable of even more - with its increased power density upto 30 %. The increased power density with an improved torque-to-speed ratio is primarily the result of the optimized winding technology. Kollmorgen has thereby managed to reduce the copper losses for the windings. This provides improved energy efficiency as well as room for more performance with the same installed size. The AKM2G, new generation of synchronous servo motors will be launched in this year and will initially feature 6 sizes with performance levels between 0.3 and 10 kW. The AKM2G motors can be fitted with different feedback systems and are primarily provided with single-cable connection technology. As a result of the modular structure of the range, Kollmorgen is better able to adapt the 2nd generation motors to the requirements of a specific application in parallel with series production. Machine builders are thereby able to use drives that fit without compromise – especially in combination with the servos from Kollmorgen’s AKD2G range. WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – MOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 1/2017

Tooth Chain Inverted Tooth Chain Drives Made in Germany Rainer Albes, General Manager Renold Tooth Chain, is still fascinated even today by the versatility and added customer value of “Made in Gronau” inverted tooth chains. Modern machinery production requires drives that offer a high degree of economic efficiency and reliability. Inverted tooth chain drives have unmatched characteristics to meet these needs. When it comes to precise, fast, and silent drives, Renold inverted tooth chains are the ideal choice – even for the high demands of the automotive industry. The advantages: long service life, simple assembly, high speeds, extremely quiet running, and high torques. Renold GmbH Zur Dessel 14 31028 Gronau (Leine), Germany Phone +49 5182 5870