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Product News Smart technology and digitalization in the new Simotics SD motor from Siemens Looking towards the future of drive technology, Siemens is introducing digitalization with the latest generation of its Simotics SD (severe duty) motors. The newly designed low-voltage motors are robust, compact, have a high power density and are equipped with modern energy efficiency concepts that improve its competitiveness in the market. The new design with its exceptional heat dissipation complies with the stringent demands of efficiency classes IE3, IE4 and IES2 without compromising on power density. In future, the new smart motor concept will enable analysis of the motor’s status. Depending on their service life and the loads placed on them, drive components such as motors are exposed to varying levels of wear and continuous abrasion. The strains can often remain invisible to the naked eye for quite some time, leading to outages and unscheduled downtimes and financial losses. The smart motor concept allows the relevant motor data to be accessed anywhere around the world. The DataMatrix code placed on the motor, enables motor identification, and allows rapid access to motor information. Intelligent pneumatics drives the predictive maintenance sector forward Apart from focusing on the Industry 4.0 technologies in the recently ended Hannover Messe, Aventics also highlighted the predictive maintenance area. Under the motto “Smart Pneumatics, the driver for Predictive Maintenance”, the com-pany showcased applications, for example, the monitoring of shock absorber functions and cylinder speeds based on an electro-pneumatic valve system. The existing sensors in the system provide the information, which is then analyzed with the AV/AES series valve systems and the smart pneumatics monitor (SPM). Monitoring the load allows the system to determine the current state of the shock absorber and detect wear early on. The information is transferred in form of standardized data logs, such as the OPC-UA. Preventive maintenance with in-telligent data analyses is now considered an important value driver in the industri-al sector as it can prevent unplanned machine downtime and increase system availability. In addition, maintenance costs are reduced since only the components that have reached the end of their life cycle are exchanged. PRODUCT NEWS Baumüller is optimizing its DST2 high-torque motors The drive system specialist Baumüller offers a broad portfolio for electric motors. With advancements and new developments, the range of motors is constantly being adapted to the latest requirements in mechanical engineering – now with increased speed and power for DST2 high-torque motors. Thanks to this optimization, motors in sizes 135 to 400 now achieve speeds of up to 2,000 rpm, depending on the size. This improvement paves the way for shorter cycle times and therefore higher productivity in forming, plastics, and textile machines as well as other applications. At the same time, the manufacturer has expanded the power rating from 320 to 530 kW in size 400. So Baumüller is now capable of meeting requirements for industries that focus on high continuous performance, such as shipbuilding or extruders. With the hightorque motors in the DST2 series, Baumüller offers powerful direct drive technology for low-maintenance and energy-efficient solutions. The motors are at present available in five sizes and the 560 size is presently in development. DST2 high-torque motors are now an optimal solution for numerous types of machines, from press to tool and plastics machines to ships, to name but a few applications. Kollmorgen expands its AKM servomotor series Energy efficiency, durability, power density, overload capability: Kollmorgen has now transferred these four benefits of permanent-field servo motors to the extra low voltage world. The new AKM DC servo motor low voltage with its 48-volt design was originally intended as a customer-specific solution for special areas of use. The specialist in servo-drive technology and motion control will now offer this as a standard add-on to the AKM series, and thus as a new series product. There are many potential uses for 48 volt DC servo motor low voltage. The same applies to two new variants with a 24 volt power supply. Size 3 AKM low voltage servo motors of 48 volts provides up to 300 watts of power at a current of 6 A – sufficient, for example, for accurate drive tasks in packaging machines or for dynamic movement in autonomous transport systems. Because the axes can briefly provide a peak current of up to 15 A, the breakaway torques predominant on start-up are easily overcome, which, at the end of the day, prevents permanent over dimensioning of the drive technology. The static torque is 1.25 Nm with an impulse torque of 4.1 Nm. Further variants of Kollmorgen AKM low voltage DC servo motor include two 48 V motors with less power, and two drives with windings tailored to 24 volts. WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 3/2017

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