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Expand your global reach

Expand your global reach HANNOVER MESSE Events Worldwide ■ Canada ▪ Calgary ▪ Montreal ▪ Toronto ■ China ▪ Beijing ▪ Shanghai ▪ Shenzhen ■ Germany ▪ Hannover ▪ Stuttgart ■ Turkey ▪ Istanbul ■ USA ▪ Chicago ▪ Las Vegas

EDITORIAL Good enough for US bosses! Let’s look back one year: Donald Trump is in the middle of the election campaign. He casts himself in his appearances as the Business President. Here embracing a CEO, there with swaggering talk about the future of the USA while speaking with leading captains of industry. The incoming president is pleased with his role as the darling of business. And he enjoys a high level of trust – after all he has promised to do away with onerous regulations and tighten trade restrictions. One year later the tide has turned. After six months in office there is growing impatience in financial circles. The president has not been able to keep his promises, his reforms remain but vague concepts and the expected million dollar orders have yet to show up. And US economic growth in the first quarter of 2017 was at it weakest in three years. The mood has not shifted yet, but negative impact on the job market and productivity are already knocking softly at the door. How further developments will unfold is just as uncertain as Trump’s policies themselves. It is still too early to forecast the impact on global economic activity and mechanical engineering, although there are as yet no signs of a downturn in Germany, which has the world’s strongest mechanical engineering market. – Hopefully it will stay that way! One issue we deal with in this edition is the US economy, bringing clarity to the current situation. An article about “Trump’s America” will give you an inside view. As always you can again expect a wealth of technical topics covering varied aspect of drive and fluid technology in WORLD OF INDUSTRIES. We would especially like to recommend the article by our reporter Peter Becker describing how he assembled an energy chain live at the Hannover trade fair – in just 11 minutes! We also have an exciting application for you: The use of drives in one of the largest package distribution centers in Australia. Would you still like some more interesting topics? No problem, simply click under News from the world of industry is available for you there daily. We look forward to seeing you there and wish you enjoyable reading! Dirk Schaar Editorial Director Meike Sauer Deutsche Messe AG Turkish-Machinery.indd 1 21.08.2017 10:42:05