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Fastest energy chain to

Fastest energy chain to assemble in the world Even Benjamin Franklin stated that time is money. Based on this principle, igus – the plastic specialist – presented the e-chain 4.1L with a new separator system at the Hanover trade fair. Thanks to its design and a new strain relief system, the chain should be 80 % faster to assemble than comparable products. At the trade fair, I took a couple of minutes to try it out for myself. As a layman, how quickly could I fill and assemble the E4.1L? Author: Peter Becker, editor World-of-Industries - Motion, Drive and Automation 4:31 p. m. Once I have opened the chain fully, the newly developed separator system needs to be inserted. The design is very user-friendly so that shelves can be inserted as required to divide the internal space into several levels. The separators are manually clicked into place. In this case, three were inserted for each separator. MACHINE ELEMENTS 4:30 p. m. Let’s get started – with the help of an igus specialist, I open the upper open links of the E4.1L using a screwdriver. They can be opened by 115 degrees and lock in the end position. If necessary, Author: they can xxxalso be removed fully, inserted again and can simply be pushed shut. 4:33 p. m. The first cables and first intermediate shelves can now be inserted. The shelves are also inserted manually and lock in the end position. The newly developed strain relief system is illustrated at the bottom of the screen. The honeycomb structure adjusts itself to the inserted cables and various diameters. WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 4/2017

ENERGIEKETTEN 4:38 p. m. The igus expert helps me to insert the third layer that includes power cables amongst other things. 4:36 p. m. The second layer is then inserted – servo cables in this case. Now that I have familiarized myself with the functional principle, inserting the shelves and routing the cables is a lot faster. 4:40 p. m. Another tool has to be used for the final step of the process. The strain relief system is secured with a final metal separator using a hexagon socket wrench. 4:41 p. m. igus has called the E4.1L the fastest energy chain to assemble in the world. Based on my own experience of assembling it, I would agree. It took me just over ten minutes to assemble my first energy chain without any prior knowledge. Thanks to the assembly with practically no tools, excellent accessibility to the interior space and flexible separator system, professionals will certainly be able to create individual solutions for any application area in significantly less time. WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 1/2017 23